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how do you make the ugliest car uglier? (part 2)

yes. you paint it matte black and murder out the wheels and lights on a Toyota Prius.  Message to the owner: your “car” looks like crap!

(spotted earlier this evening in Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

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the ugliest car in the world….


my purpose for this post is a sinister one.

A) i want this photo to become the #1 google image result for the Toyota Prius

B) i want ‘prospective’ Toyota Prius buyers to come here, and understand that they look like idiots driving around in their ugly box of batteries and electronic wankery

C) i want these US buyers to consider buying a clean diesel VW Golf TDI or Jetta TDI—which get similar MPG performance—-and save  the world the horror of seeing this ugly Prius monstrosity on our streets.  Think of the children, people!!!

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