the ugliest car in the world….


my purpose for this post is a sinister one.

A) i want this photo to become the #1 google image result for the Toyota Prius

B) i want ‘prospective’ Toyota Prius buyers to come here, and understand that they look like idiots driving around in their ugly box of batteries and electronic wankery

C) i want these US buyers to consider buying a clean diesel VW Golf TDI or Jetta TDI—which get similar MPG performance—-and save  the world the horror of seeing this ugly Prius monstrosity on our streets.  Think of the children, people!!!

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24 thoughts on “the ugliest car in the world….


    Would you please make a meme for every Prii?

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Prii”… you are the crap that would buy these god forsaken things.

    Don’t do everything Hirohito tells you to do.

  3. Psilomelane says:

    While that photo doesn’t exactly flatter the car, to me, the current generation of Prius is better looking externally than the last, and I certainly wouldn’t call it the ugliest car in the world. I’m sure there are any number of current Ford models that are far more unappealing.

  4. DLB says:

    I have two 2011 Prius’ and love them – average 50+ mpg. I love them. They are well engineered, havent had any problems with them and they have 20k on them. They ride well and handle nicely. Sure, there are things I would change and improve – but for the $$ I think they are worth every cent – and the resale value is higher than most other cars in the class. I’ll buy two more when Im ready, and do not need the extra size of the V.

    • Syed says:

      i’m sorry. my condolences.

      • DLB says:

        ha, I see you have never drove one to appreciate them.

        Continue to bask in your ignorance.

        • Syed says:

          what is there to drive? its performance is pathetic…..on par with 1984 economy cars at best. there is no soul in the Prius—it is merely an appliance with a huge gimmick. Designed as an ‘anti-car’ with little to no aesthetic consideration; with the performance of 20 years ago put into a ‘techie’ package. I’d gladly drive an A3 TDI and get similar economy and have a smile on my face.

          • DLB says:

            You have drove one have you? The performance is fine – mine runs 110mph easily and quickly and I dont have any trouble with it. It out performs any of the 35+mpg cars we test drove. So, we bought two of them – and, they are still worth nearly what we paid for them.
            Wait, what do you own and drive that gets 55 mpg and carries four comfortable – that is affordable, and has great resale value? I have another new Dodge Ram Hemi if I wanna go quick, and fast and still pull a 35′ fifthwheel and want the killer looks. They are both black, and I’ve dressed up the Prius, and get alot of positive comments about it. There are two people on the net – some type and talk, some experience and tell others. Sure, “i’d gladly drive” an A3 TDi too if I wanted to spend $4+/ gall for for fuel.. and have few if any buyers for it when I get ready to sell it in a year or so – AND for $40k I have 2 Prius’ bought and paid for with money in the bank. And, 43 mpg $4.5 diesel, is a LONG ways from $3.15 gas at 55 mpg. You do the math. I think I can suffer through it. If I wanted to spend $29k+ I would have bought a Lexus.

            • Syed says:

              i am an enthusiast. i don’t drive cars to save money. an A3 TDI is a very entertaining car to drive with firm, performance handling and bags of torque at any RPM range……the Prius is slow, sloppy, ugly, and economical. I haven’t driven a Prius……why? because it is completely uninspiring as an automobile. As a technical exercise it may be fine…..but some of us are about the spirit of driving, not the spirit of the gas pump or buying into the latest tech fad.

              • DLB says:

                ic ic I make habit of trying something before I bad mouth it. I have to premium road bikes two – care to discuss them? …. enthusiasts that dont drive are armchair quarterbacks So, you’ve driven the A3 or did you read this? So, you dont have much to compare that to…? Oh wait, I have that beautiful black 79 TransAm with 401cuin of built horsepower, and it runs 155mpg with no problem and the beautiful beasy is fun to drive and cruise around with the ttops out, and enough performance to smoke the 50’s anytime i wanna touch the throttle.
                She’s low tec, and enven has a CARB – but, since you dont drive, you arent familar with your head being snapped back against the seat? Next, I’ll talk to you about my other cars…. that I own and drive!

                • Syed says:

                  why would i drive a Prius? To confirm that it’s crap to drive? No i’m not interested in a car that does 0-60 in 11 seconds….no i’m not interested with a car that has 0 emphasis on handling, aesthetics, OR performance. there are so many fantastic cars out there to drive….i wouldn’t waste my time with the K-Mart panties of the automotive world. I’ve driven plenty of cars in my time……ranging from cheap econoboxes to V10 supercars… me plenty to judge cars upon. As for the A3…..i own a 2012….it’s not a TDI, but the 200hp turbo quattro.

            • Syed says:

              and if you don’t wanna spend $29k….buy a Jetta TDI.
              watch this:

      • Prius over everything says:

        Yes, the Prius is THE worst car in the world.

  5. DLB says:

    I tried, wasnt any around last year when I wanted one, and dealers are 150-250 miles away.

  6. DLB says:

    thanks for your opinion – but I think I like my stable of ponies as much or better than yours….

  7. DLB says:

    oh well, whatever – rather have them than some mule with no dealership or service anywhere even close – and, well since I dont ever need any parts or service – since a have a parts store and perform my own service – maybe I should consider some overpriced piece of metal that someone on the net said was ok simply because that is what he would drive if he COULD. no, I think I’ll take the $40k and buy that used Viper, that way when the Pruis gets 55mpg it will still average around 25 between the two.

    • Syed says:

      i’d much rather have 2 enjoyable cars to own than 1 enjoyable one and 1 rubbish one…..we have a fundamental philosophical difference.

  8. Anonymous says:

    ps: Turbo kits are now available for the Prius, and talk of production model, increasing mpg to 100+ 🙂

  9. wait, Im beginning to think you are a one man band:

    thankfully someone does care!

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