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Montreal + Espada + Gandini + GM V8 = LELE?

I had never heard of the ISO LELE until today.  In fact I don’t even remember ever seeing a picture or anything of it.  Much to my surprise I was thumbling through some UK classic car mag and saw a yellow one plastered all around a couple of pages.  The first thing I thought was that it looked like a rejected Bertone concept—-the Montreal-style eyelids in the front, and the swooping Espada-like side profile.  I have to say having come home and looked at some more photos—-i’m starting to see some of the 1969 Frua-inspired ‘coupe’  wedge design influences on the car pop up more.    The car was penned by Gandini, which would explain this whoring of design features.

Oh, and it had a GM or a Ford sourced V8 under the hood (depending on the year it was produced between 1969 and 1974—which makes it sort of like an illegal immigrant version of a ‘wannabe’ Montreal, really….

Fascinating car.  Always nice to discover new things in the world of automobiles.

all photos taken from: Concept Carz

here’s a short video i found of one being pulled out of storage and onto a flatbed.  It has interesting proportions, looks a lot more ‘practical’ in shape compared to other ISOs of the time.

also a primitive, yet informative page about the Lele:


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foto of the day. 010210.

welcome back!

as a tribute to our recent UK visit! ASTON MARTIN V8 RACING.

click to enlarge

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ATS 2500 GT 3.0

Sports Car Digest has a great article on the super rare ATS 2500 GT 3.0 which originally debut’d in 1963 and went on to be produced in the grand number of 8 total complete vehicles.  With a 2.5 Liter V8 rollin out 220hp and could hit 160 mph or so….and looks to kill—- I wish they’d made more of these!  This car had the bigger 3.0L engine.

FULL STORY: http://www.sportscardigest.com/ats-2500-gt-3-0-litre-coupe-car-profile/

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foto of the day.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage

click on photo 2 times to get hi-res


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Drivers Republic reviews the R8 V10


Drivers Republic have come up roses with a full R8 V10 review, done within their beautiful ‘virtual’ magazine layout.

go check it out here! —– http://magazines.drivers-republic.com/driversrepublic/perfect10052/

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the stunning Iso Grifo.

The most famous italian car driven with american balls was the DeTomaso Pantera (imo), however this must be one of the most beautiful; the Iso Grifo.  Produced between 1963 and 1974, and under the beautiful shell lies a heart of pure american muscle.  Corvette V8s ranging from 300 to 350hp.  This is as beautiful as any Maserati or Ferrari of the 60s or 70s, in my opinion—and was fast as hell as well.  In the 70s, the top speed of this badass was documented as 171 mph.

They’re rare as hell now, and are starting to fetch more and more money…but that won’t stop me from posting a few choice photos of the car i’m talking about now will it!





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