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foto of the day. 80 competition STC

Audi 80 Competition, driven by Emanuele Pirro in the German Super Touring Car series of 1995……

src: lensdesign

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foto of the day. A110.


from TuningFever (with some modification)

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foto of the day. TT.

I had no work today, but when i woke up i looked out the window and saw SNOW! everytime this happens, the voice of an 85 year-old rural farmer comes into my head and says “FIRE UP THE QUATTRO!”—–so i did.  driving in circles around my neighbourhood….it was lovely.  Grabbed some breakfast….and took the time to take a photo representing my morning.

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foto of the day: panamera

IEDEI loves the Porsche Panamera.  “WHY??” you say?  well after seeing it in person, taking a seat inside it, and just admiring the boldness of the design and features, it was hard to NOT like it.

The Cayenne was always a failure in design and execution, although it has proven to be quite popular to the SUV driver who always wanted a Porsche.

The Panamera is a different beast altogether.  It’s graceful, intimidating, and actually composed of quite a fascinating design.  Want proof?  Check out the Techart Porsche Panamera revealed at the Frankurt Auto Show last year.

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foto of the day. 12142009.

Maybe i should tell my mum to lower her B8 A4 and add some RS4 rims to hers!  The B8 A4 is a really great ride though….I drove hers a few weekends ago when i was visiting Detroit, and really enjoyed it—even with an automatic tranny.  It’s a great car.

(this is NOT her car….)

Modded B8 A4

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Porsche releases photos of the Ltd. Edition “Sport Classic”


Obviously the people in charge of naming this ‘new’ version weren’t exactly scientists in creativity, and it ALMOST sounds like they must have fired the guy responsible for naming it the day before; thus eliminating any chance of a proper name.  Either way, Porsche have decided that there must be 250 people dumb enough to put down $250,000+ on what can basically only be described as a Carrera S with 20-25 extra HP and ‘special’ modern interpretations of the original 70s Carrera RS Fuchs wheels.

My solution? Buy a regular Carrera S for $80k.  Buy the vinyl decals for a few hundred dollars, to get you those matte stripes……chip the engine to get you an extra 20hp (or more).  Pain the car whatever colour you want, even the aviator grey-like colour this one is in.  Buy the Pseudo-Fuchs wheels aftermarket.  You’re still under $100k…and you’ll look damn good doing it.  Skip on the polished steel lip though….i’d go solid black on the wheels.

Some pics:



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