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Fitzroy Chronograph.

I do love nice watches.  These days I am less inclined to want things ‘vintage’ and more inclined to want something totally NEW—inspired by the idea of creating my own legacy and my own vintage rather than buying into somebody else’s.  More about this in a later post as well…

I was in search for a truly modern, original, and unique chronograph watch.  It had to be automatic, and it had to represent 2012, not 1972.  It’s easy to find all sorts of ‘vintage chronographs’ on eBay and to buy into some other history—but I wanted to buy a watch that, in 30 years, someone could look at and appreciate for the time it was made in.  This is a small company making low-production watches—with unique features like an ‘external’ watchband bar, chunky beautifully made case, unique dial accenting, and a simply gorgeous transparent rear housing.

Last year, I briefly remember seeing a blip about a London brand called Fitzroy launching a series of Automatic (their own, swiss made automatic movements—again, original) and a modern set of stylish watches which I found thoroughly beautiful and original.   You won’t meet anyone else wearing one of these…and furthermore, it is a low-production, interesting, and creative timepiece.  Fitzroy Automatic Chronographs start at $880.  Their standard Automatic watches start at a touch over $500.  They supposedly will have a selection of custom fit designed watchbands available for purchase—however as of yet I have not been able to procure any other bands.

I absolutely love this watch.   Appreciation of the modern is the vintage of the future.

Fitzroy Website

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foto of the day. 50s.

“Four Audi 50 racing cars fighting for the lead at a Touring-Car-Race at Hockenheimring in the early 80´s” – eLKayPics

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video of the day. diablo in snow (redux).

Thanks to JON for sharing this video in the comments of the last “Diablo in Snow” post!

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foto of the day. GTV & TT.

My friend and photographer Sal Coppola from Brooklyn took this photo at a family get together, where a relative of his brought his beautiful Alfa GTV.  The blue TT is Sal’s car.

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25k euros gets you….

a nice Alpine A310.  check out the interior….funky indeed.  As mentioned before, I am increasingly attracted to the A310, as a by product of my obsession with the A110.


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foto of the day. GTAM

Alfa Romeo GTAM.

(click to enlarge)

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the most beautiful car america never produced…

the AMC AMX 3 concept was in a series of AMC concept cars for their next generation sports car.  Bodied and shelled in Italy by Bizzarrini, however only 5 cars made it through production (with #6 produced afterwards from spare parts) due to high costs and lack of demand for a premium sports car built by AMC.  I can’t help but think that this could have been MUCH cooler than the Corvette had it been produced.  This could have been THE definitive american supercar——-well, assuming AMC wouldn’t have folded several years later under the buckling pressure of a poor company.

Comments from Richard Teague, designer of the AMX during his time at AMC: read the rest of this interview here

That’s what killed the program. The bumper standards were just happening… and soft bumpers were being tested on taxicabs in New York by GM at about this time. The technology really wasn’t there to put soft bumpers on the AMX/3 though Pantera made an effort to meet the standards and it did. But it kind of spoiled the front of that car. We just decided the effort involved in all these forthcoming standards… was just too much [on top of] the hassle of trying to get a bodybuilder that could make it at a price that we could sell it for that would be realistic. So all of those things… added up to the program being shelved. But it was a very serious program for a very long time. We tried very hard to make it happen. And we built six prototypes, really. We had a lot of money in the program, not a lot by today’s standards, but for a little company that was trying to make a mark it was, I think, a pretty good effort. At least all six of the cars survive.”


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photo of the day. GTAM

this is the hotness.

Alfa Romeo GTAM

(click to enlarge)

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Toyota 2000GT for sale…in the US.

Bring A Trailer….today i saw this stunning Toyota 2000GT for sale on there.  Price? $375,000.  All types of hotness….and very rare to see for sale in the US.


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art of the day. gt40.

1967 Ford GT40 @ Le Mans

artist unknown (to me, at least)


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foto of the day. quattro.

can’t go wrong with the Audi Quattro.

photo from the flickr page of: Stijn Sloen

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