rendering of a new Lancia Delta HF

luis_camino_lancia_delta_hf_render-02The original Lancia Delta Integrale was a beast of a car.  Obviously we never recieved it imported to the USA, so it was added to the mental list of “yes i want but i cannot have” and put aside into the closet.

Lately there’s been some talk of Chryslers being sold here as rebadged Lancia Deltas (see article ).

Could this mean that if a Delta Integrale or Delta HF is produced, then we might see one? Maybe as an ‘SRT’ model?  Dodge Delta HF?  Sounds funny i know…but it would be fantastic!

I can’t tell you what the article says, because i don’t know spanish.  But the photos are great!

Thanks to Colla Verglas for the info:



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2 thoughts on “rendering of a new Lancia Delta HF

  1. danidmas says:

    It’s not spanish… it’s catalan 😛

    It’s just a render made by an enthusiasts… so I’m afraid it’s nothing official. Afterall, if you have a look at the current Lancia lineup… I think they’re everything but sporty, role taken by Alfa Romeo these days. An HF Integrale?! Sure, would be awesome… but I highly doubt it.

    • iedei says:

      Catalan! ha…sorry. It’s not official, but it’s nice to dream! 🙂

      Lancia has really gone down the toilet lately…what a shame. Such a great name, with such a dramatic and glorious history. I really hope at some point that FIAT sorts out this badge and brings it back to glory. The Fulvia concept in 2003 was fantastic….not sure why they didn’t produce it.

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