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video of the day. Dezir.

So in the past few weeks i have been TRYING to figure out what Renault has planned for the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Alpine marque—-i’ve been given some clues, but they are very minimal!

It’s interesting that Renault had shown a concept in 2010/2011 known as the Dezir, and I do find myself wondering if somehow the ‘new’ Alpine Concept which may be introduced at the upcoming Geneva Auto Show will look anything like this!

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quattro Sport Concept @ Concorso D’eleganza Villa D’este

My favourite current concept car——i am full hope that this badboy gets produced.  If it does, you bet every dollar I will be selling parts of my spleen to get myself one—-in BLACK thank you very much!

Photos courtesy of Italiansupercar.net

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Mercedes-Benz A-Class Concept.

Mercedes-Benz is showing photos of their new A-Class Concept. I’m all in favour for small, cool, luxury hatchbacks—-but this Mercedes doesn’t look like a Mercedes.  It really looks more BMW from the side (all the slashes and body moldings…very Bangle-ish) and quite Audi from the rear (TOO Audi-ish from the rear)….and maybe Volvo-ish from the front?  A pretty interesting design that I quite like in many ways—-but a little sloppy and very uncharacteristic for a Mercedes, in my opinion.

and compare the rear end to the Audi A1 Concept from a couple years ago!

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foto of the day. concept.

the most exciting concept car this year, for me…personally.

Audi quattro Concept. (cheers to Motor Authority, where i got the pic)

(click to enlarge)

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video debut: Audi RS5.

First video footage of the Audi RS5. Very cool when the urQuattro joins it.


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hello, Porsche 918 Spyder.

This looks very R8-ish, with more curves and Porsche-ness.  I’m not sure what to really think of it.  I’m not a fan of hybrids, although I understand they will be enhancing market share in the imminent future.  If they made this car with a petrol engine, i’d be far more likely to plop it down as my wallpaper.  Still pretty cool though, and somewhat of a diversion for Porsche designing.

Make sure you watch the 2 minute promo video at the bottom of the post:




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Saab 9-3X now on order sheet at US Saab dealers…

Amidst the soap opera of what has become SAAB, The SAAB-Spyker deal seems to be building confidence in its conclusion.  The latest positive sign seems to be that after over a year of US market dormancy, the SAAB 9-3X has been added to US dealer order lists!  It will be months til customers get their orders filled, and maybe this is a way for the company to gauge interest in products after all the hooplah….but it seems that the 9-3X would nicely fill the gap that the Audi Allroad’s absence in the US market has created; an upscale, european wagon with AWD.

To all those people who have been rooting for SAAB to be rescued, this is your time to walk the walk and place your order for a pretty cool AWD wagon.  Good decision SAAB, now back up all this talk with some kick ass new products, and success will be yours!!

more info:


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new Corrado? NO. new Jetta Coupe? YES.

While not as exciting as the idea of a ‘new’ Corrado, the Jetta Coupe images coming out are showing it to be a pretty damn attractive little coupe.  Definitely looks a bit like a baby Audi A5, which is definitely not a bad thing!

All in all, i think this is gonna be mad popular with Vdubbers everywhere. Nice one, VW.

more pics and info here:



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