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onboard: Alpine A220.


1969 Alpine A220.  1500 lbs.  310hp.  @ Circuit La Sarthe.


one word: WICKED.



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Matra 670.

Le Mans is coming in June!  Exciting times this year with the return of Alpine.  What better way to celebrate than a tribute to the wonderful Matra 670.   The video at the bottom is really quite wicked.

this beautiful painting is by Yuriy Shevchuk:





src photos: motorlegend

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video of the day. chassis test.

Before the fantastic Renault Alpine A110-50 put on its futuristic body, it underwent testing!  As we know, the A110-50 is based on the Megane Trophy, and has been adapted and tweaked into the A110-50.  It’s pretty wicked to watch the skeleton going around the track…courtesy of the excellent Type 01

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video of the day. A310 V6.

I’m not sure how they mounted this onboard camera for this drive (is it on his shoulder!?), however the effect is that it makes you feel like you’re sitting between the driver and navigator…..very disorienting, however feels like you’re really in that superb Alpine A310 V6


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video of the day. the insane sounds of the R18 e-tron quattro.

Audi 1-2-3-4 at Spa today.  Wicked.

Here’s a fascinating onboard video of the R18 e-Tron quattro from earlier today at Spa.  Saw this video at the excellent Audi Motorport Blog, who described it as a “spaceship”—-i completely agree!

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video of the day. Fulvia.

Glorious….and good driving as well, for a change!

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video of the day. S1.

all types of 5-cylinder wonderful.  Audi S1, 2011 Rechberg Hill Climb.

(via Audi Sport)

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video of the day. A310.

an Alpine Renault A310 1800, to be specific, soldiering through the twisties! lovely!

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Corvette C6R @ Le Mans

I’ve always conceded that Chevrolet have had amazing success in the GT/GTE class at Le Mans—–but the SOUND of the Corvette C6R is a GLORIOUS noise.  Here is an onboard lap of Le Mans with a C6R from a warm up lap in 2008.  I love hearing that lazy V8 rumbling…..today’s race is no different!

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Mike Hawthorn + mic at chest + traffic + le Mans + D-Type = so cool.

What a sweet bizarre video!  They put a regular broadcasting mic to Hawthorn’s chest, and them set him loose in a D-type going around the Le Mans circuit with bicyclists just cruising down the track.  filmed in 1956.  Epic cool.

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Lancia Delta S4 Hill climb.

Gotta love the Delta S4! check out that dashboard….and that technological sound!

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Best Motoring featuring Audi TT-RS vs. JDMers…

Finally, a review of the Audi TT-RS on a track, against some stiff and likely competition!!  Can’t understand a damn word these guys are saying, but even without understanding japanese; i’m pretty sure I understand the result!

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video of the day. Fulvia 1.6 HF

Yet another glorious video of a Lancia Fulvia 1.6 HF. There’s nothing like the rumble of that fantastic V4.  Nice bit of driving on a pretty funky road, as well.   The IEDEI obsession with this car continues….

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Lancia Fulvia HF through the hills.

listen to that V4! easily one of IEDEI’s top 5 dream cars……do want.

look at that road! it’s full of angry cliffs to fly off of…..those crazy italians…

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Onboard: Alpine A110.

One of my top 3 ultimate dream cars, the ultra-fantastic ALPINE A110. All i can do is keep imagining myself behind the wheel……errr…..rolling through Brooklyn? Yeah that’s right.

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