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video of the day. Montreal.

One of my favourite Alfas—-and in a beautiful owner.  Nicely narrated introduction to the Alfa Romeo Montreal

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037 vs. S1 vs. Stratos

this is an audio orgasm! it makes me sad to see how we have lost this type of insanity in rally cars.


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Steve McQueen’s Porshe 911s heads to auction.

Cooler than f*ck.  Wonder how much this is going to fetch on auction.  Yes, this is the 911S from the opening scene of Le Mans and yes this is the 911s that Steve McQueen bought after filming the movie for his own collection.


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accidental art.

As i was watching the film “Senna” yesterday, i took a few photos of the big screen with my silly little mobile phone.  2 of those photos came out quite interesting….they almost look like paintings.  These, of course, have no effects put on them.  They are simply attempted photos taken with a rubbish camera.

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must watch….

“Heights of Danger”.  available on DVD.  the film is from 1953.  I wanna watch it! Gotta find a DVD.

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video of the day. 510

My first ‘real’ car (not counting my lime green 1977 Buick Le Sabre i had when i was 15/16) was a 1993 Nissan Sentra SE-R which was just a fantastic car….i still miss it sometimes.  It was quite pure for its time.  That SE-R was a natural descendant of this; the 510.

I found this great 26 minute vintage film called “Against All Odds” about the 510.  Well worth a watch!


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video of the day: weird 80s swedish man and his Urraco.

this video cracks me up…..but the sound of the Lamborghini Urraco is all types of wonderful.  Beautiful car too, one of my favourite 70s supercars.

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video/song of the day: Bo’Tox “Crashed Cadillac”

There’s no Cadillac in this video, but the combination of this car and this song really do it for me! Sinister….and dusty.

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Lancia D24.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
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8mm footage; Nurburgring 1966.

Got this from the great blog, Automobiliac.

Silent 8mm footage of the 1000km race at Nurburgring, filmed in 1966.  Sure there’s no sound, but watching this is like watching an action painting.  beautiful!

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Alpine A110 + Nurburgring = PERFECT.

ok, so this video might make you a bit dizzy……BUT THAT SOUND. I could listen to that sound ALL DAY.

My favourite car on my favourite track…with the worst cameraman in the world!

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Best Motoring featuring Audi TT-RS vs. JDMers…

Finally, a review of the Audi TT-RS on a track, against some stiff and likely competition!!  Can’t understand a damn word these guys are saying, but even without understanding japanese; i’m pretty sure I understand the result!

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video of the day. Fulvia 1.6 HF

Yet another glorious video of a Lancia Fulvia 1.6 HF. There’s nothing like the rumble of that fantastic V4.  Nice bit of driving on a pretty funky road, as well.   The IEDEI obsession with this car continues….

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Lancia Fulvia HF through the hills.

listen to that V4! easily one of IEDEI’s top 5 dream cars……do want.

look at that road! it’s full of angry cliffs to fly off of…..those crazy italians…

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sounds of madness: Aston Martin One-77

Turn the volume up! SINISTER.

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On board: MK2 Escort Rally

Driver: Kris Meeke

Cheers to Colla Verglas for the post!

in 2 parts:

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BMW E21 video.

Gotta love those old scenes, with those bending and leaning Audis and E21 BMWs!

cheers to DRIVR for the tip!

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Fulvia video. V4 FTW!

here is a great video of a Lancia Fulvia.

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Can Am. 1967 Road America.

Last year, at the CORONADO FESTIVAL OF SPEED in San Diego, i witnessed the absolute MADNESS of Can Am cars…….the most glorious, wicked, and loud exhausts i have ever heard. My ears were never the same.  I got back from that trip and immediately ordered the loudest exhaust i could for my car!

These cars were amazing.  CAN AM racing was amazing! WATCH THIS:

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more SAAB: Saab 99 Turbo promotional video.

An original 1977 promotional film outlining the (at the time) new Saab 99 Turbo.

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BMW 2002 Turbo. video.

My favourite BMW of all time. GIVE ME ONE.

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must see film: “The Belgrade Phantom”

“A new film exploring the life and crimes of Serbian Vlada Vasiljevic premiered earlier this week in Amsterdam. Titled The Belgrade Phantom, for Vasiljevic’s nickname, the story follows the man after he stole a white Porsche 911, and used it to torment the police over a ten day period during Serbia’s communist era.

First-time feature director Jovan Todorovic used a mix of archive footage, radio interviews, and original dramatized material to tell the story. Several car chases were shot throughout the Serbian capital of Belgrade to recreate the Phantom using his stolen Porsche to easily outrun the 60hp Zastava police cars.

In the story the Phantom gets more daring, starts stealing more white Porsches, in more risky ways, and becomes even more popular by taunting police over the radio. By the end of the ten-day stretch, the Phantom had drawn the support of tens of thousands of people, something highly unusual in the Soviet era.

For production, they used a 1979 Porsche 911 Targa, police vehicles from the era, as well as the actual car that belonged to the former dictator, Tito.”

LINK: http://www.worldcarfans.com/109112623249/trailer-the-belgrade-phantom–documents-porsche-thiefhero

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