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foto of the day (2). tr6

Triumph TR6.

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foto of the day. 3.0 CSL.

thanks to Motoring Con Brio for this foto!

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foto of the day. 700.

the (virtually unknown) BMW 700 and its original production line.

Some info about the BMW 700:

The driving force behind the ‘700’ project was not only the BMW development department but in particular the Viennese BMW importer Wolfgang Denzel, a friend of the then BMW boarch chairman, Dr. Richter-Brohm. Largely on his own initiative, Denzel began to develop a sporty small car for BMW, having had some experience of automobile construction himself. The technical basis was to be provided by the chassis and the engine of the BMW 600. This small four-seater, derived from the Isetta, had remained somewhat unsuccessful due to it’s unorthodox body, not because of technical shortcomings.

Denzel entrusted the Italian designer Giovanni Michelotti with the design of the body. In mid January 1958, Denzel then received the official development contract, and a body design was developed in his workshops.

On July 30th 1958, Denzel presented the finished prototype of the Coupé to the BMW board of directors, as developed by himself in collaboration with Michelotti. All in all, the car’s modern Italian influenced style was well received. However, a certain amount of criticism was expressed, in particular on the question of suitability for economical manufacture. The BMW design department under Wilhelm Hofmeister was then instructed to come up with a competing design, though retaining the characteristic stylistic elements of Michelotti prototype. At the same time, Helmut-Werner Bönsch, the new BMW director of product planning and marketing, encouraged the development of a saloon version.

more info: http://www.bmw700.net/index.php?lng_id=en

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foto of the day. tipo 33.

Alfa Romeo Tipo 33-3

click to enlarge:

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Mo Miura…(1)

Can’t get enough of this photography over at www.joesackey.com


click to enlarge fotos.

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foto of the day. Canguro.

1964 Alfa Romeo Canguro (Bertone)

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BMW E30 M3 Evo…..with 59 km? and another with 92 km!? NEW!

An amazing story, of a guy who found an E30 M3 Evo sitting brand new……….not even just a regular E30 M3, but an EVO! amazing.

as he puts it:

“The car has not been started or driven for 20years, so will need recommissioning, its booked into a BMW main dealer next week for all fluids,filters and belts a to be changed before its started for the first time in 20 years. Its never been cleaned and has never seen rain and very little day light!!! its just been sat there and forgotten about!!! hence the original 20 year old dust, i quite like it like that it just show’s provenance that the car really was forgotten about!!!  When its been cleaned and serviced i’ll post more pics”

WAIT A MINUTE!!! There’s more.

he found ANOTHER identical  M3 Evo sitting right next to it with 92 KM and bought the 2nd one as well!! Unbelievable.

at which point, he posted:

“Well ive got some more news for you all!!!!! Sorry just showing off now.  Have another look at the photo’s you will see that the cars are sat on different surfaces!!!!!!!!!!!!! There’s not one there were two identical cars both parked next to each other for 20yrs. Ones done 59 kilometers the other has done 92 kilometers”

so he bought both……..AND the RS200 Cosworth!


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video debut: Audi RS5.

First video footage of the Audi RS5. Very cool when the urQuattro joins it.


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foto of the day. 911.

and it’s a REAL fatty…..

sorry, don’t have any high-res of this photo! if anyone does, lemme know.

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foto of the day.

what is it?

1960 OSCA 1600 GTS Zagato. sooo cool.



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foto(s) of the day.

Maserati held a small tribute for their roadsters, and here are a couple official photos from that photo shoot.




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