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video of the day: weird 80s swedish man and his Urraco.

this video cracks me up…..but the sound of the Lamborghini Urraco is all types of wonderful.  Beautiful car too, one of my favourite 70s supercars.

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foto of the day. Defender.

Let’s see; IEDEI and SUVs are simply not compatible.  I would rather have brakes and wheels installed into my elbows than to drive most SUVs—–except one!  The Land Rover Defender is cool as f*ck!  If i were forced to buy an SUV, this would be the one i’d go for.  The rest of em—-can go to hell!

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fotomod of the day. CSL.

BMW 3.0 CSL, to be exact (foto tweaked/modded by IEDEI)

(click to enlarge)

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foto of the day. GTA.

Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA.

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when it comes to supercars, it doesn’t get any cooler than the Lamborghini Espada…i like the details in this video…..this one is in particularly nice shape.

here’s another video.  of an Espada on the TT circuit in in Assen.

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foto of the day. SLK AMG.

I’m really not into roadsters, but I’ve always had a huge soft spot for AMG SLKs, especially as their exhaust note sounds like rumbling madness… em.  The folding hard top gives them great proportions…

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Car & Track: 1973 Plymouth Cricket

There’s not much more entertaining than vintage american Car & Track videos.  Thankfully youtube has plenty of em.  Here’s the Plymouth Cricket, which is essentially a rebadged Hillman Avenger brought to the US market.  I properly LOL’d when he discussed the 4 speed manual transmission.  I’m laughing just remembering….

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foto of the day. night pits nine eleven.

photo by Dirk De Jager.


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the bavarian druglords – “leaf”

one of THE songs from 2010 put to one of my favourite videos.  tweaked, blued, and rollered.

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the DB9 will be quite angry.

hey FORD! you think adding a couple extra lines in the grille is not gonna make it look like you rummaged your old Aston Martin parts bin for your new Ford Focus Electric concept?!

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foto of the day. 131 Abarth.

Fiat 131 Abarth

(click to enlarge)

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taken from the very cool A Crush On Every Girl And Every Car tumblr.

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i can relate….

Sooner or later I will write to you all about WHY i skip my 10 minute, 2-stop subway ride and mostly take the 30 minute driving option from Brooklyn to Manhattan to get to work and search for street parking every day; an act of sheer insanity, however I am motivated and excited to choose the inefficient, yet much more enjoyable manner to get to work.  This old Audi commercial reminds me of how i feel every morning (aside from the valet parking, that is)

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foto of the day. W154

1938 Mercedes-Benz W154 (adjusted in colour by IEDEI)

(click to enlarge)

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foto of the day. 3.0 CSL.

BMW 3.0 CSL @ Brands Hatch. (taken by SmintBoyUK )


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Billykirk card case.

I’ve always liked nice wallets.  I’ve also always liked tidy, non-George Costanza wallets.  I rarely carry much cash—and if i do, it will be less than $40.  I don’t like loading up on people’s business cards, etc.  This is why we have electronic assistance in storing numbers, names, etc.

Last year, i went around the corner from our old flat to Hollander & Lexer when i was having a bad day, and decide to buy myself a new wallet.  For years now, i’ve noticed that my life takes small changs after i change (A) my wallet and (B) my phone.  I am not a superstitious person, however i do acknowledge that finances and communication are 2 reasonably important elements in our daily lives.

I bought a small card case made by Billykirk that day.  It was about $90 with tax.  Kinda steep for a simple leather case, but beautifully made, with vintage stitching and authentic, non-overfinished faded leather.  A beautiful card case, which never bulges out of my rear pocket. Easily carries 5-10 card-related things on me, with room for 2-$20 bills if i need be.

They have nice bags and belts as well if you are in need of gentleman leather goods.

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foto of the day. 99.

Saab 99, chillin in a garage…

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vintage btcc.

I had these fotos in my files, i’m not sure of the source.  But they are lovely.

(click to enlarge)

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washing cars blows.

So very true.  Washing the car is about the worst thing one can do with their cars….

A) dirtier cars look better (ALWAYS!)

B) it is never straightforward

C) it sucks, time consuming, and soul less!

D) people who get into the details of washing cars bore the living balls outta me!

i really hate washing cars.  Thank you Chris Harris, for being cool.

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just how fast are F1 cars?

thank you to AchTTung for showing me this!

Watch the street cars first, full of fast track day cars (Ultima, Caterham, Lotus, etc…)

now, F1 cars (!!)

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lesser known car of the day: Isuzu Bellett GT/GTR

i love finding cool older cars which I am not familiar with….which i really start digging.  The as-posted-the-other-day Isuzu 117 Coupe is one of those cars; and here is another one by the obscure, underdog, and defunct japanese carmaker Isuzu.  Isuzu still makes commercial trucks, engines, and transport materials; however they stopped making cars in the past decade.

I have a soft spot for 60s Japanese cars, especially built by underdog companies like Isuzu; because i feel it represents a time in the japanese automotive industry where they had passion for what they were trying to make.  Sure they were copying the italian style of the 60s (Alfa, Lancia, Fiat….) however those cars were cool; so they were in turn copying cool cars, but with their own japanese twist which made for some very cool, small coupes and sedans.  The perfect example of this is the Isuzu Bellett GT and GTR Coupe.  I have to say that i really love the chunky round shape of this coupe; it is very unique even for its time.  I love the light curve on the roofline.  I’ve never seen one in person, but i hope to.  I found a few used i Japan, and they sell for between $20-30k now.

“The GT-R, more specifically GT Type-R (for “racing”), was a racing version of the GT, also available to individual customers. First presented in September 1969, the GT-R featured a 1.6 L DOHC engine from the 117 Coupe, power brakes and numerous other modifications. It was visually different from other Belletts primarily by a specific paint scheme, which included a completely black hood. The GT-R achieved many successes in racing, and has gained its own fan community. Only about 1,400 GT-Rs were manufactured.

Though the GT-R was one of the first cars to be called “GT-R”, the Nissan Skyline GT-R was in fact earlier, with the PGC10 GT-R being released six months beforehand, in March 1969. The Holden Torana GTR was released in October 1969. However, there was a Bridgestone GTR motorbike which predates all of these. It is also worth noting that Isuzu used the Type-R designation long before Honda adopted it.” (WP)

short video footage:

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