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Japanese A110 video.

The japanese…….they’re always trying to drift everything!  This video is from 1990.

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getting unreachable?

As you probably realise, my ‘holy grail’ dream car (in ANY price range) is the Alpine-Renault A110 1600s.  This has been the case for approximately the last 5-6 years.  However in that 5-6 years I have watched the selling price of the A110 start to soar from about $40-$50k back then to ranging from $80k to well over $150k for excellent 1600s examples these days.  I’ve been told the market for A110s really soared a couple of years ago when the Japanese started buying them up and taking them back to Japan.  Sure there are cheaper versions like the 1300s which can be had for less, and the 1100s which can be had for even less—-but it is getting harder and harder to find good A110s on sale, and i’m just hoping that by the time i get in the market for one (i hope this DOES happen), that prices haven’t soared to even more rocketing avenues.    The ‘other market’ versions of the A110 such as the mexican-built Dinalpines have also kept the market value down, as many have been unearthed and sold outside of Mexico in recent years—-adding to the total # of A110s in circulation.

My mostly ignorant, non-professional estimate is that the prices have now ‘capped’ for the A110 for the time being.  I don’t think “Alpine-Renault” rings a bell with the collector market the way “Ferrari” or “Maserati” or “Porsche” does, so i really can’t see these moving too much further upmarket.   Here’s hoping they stay in this range, or even start falling a bit when the nostalgic rally fan from the 60s starts giving up their cars.

In a brief search on carandclassic.co.uk, i found these examples:




this absolutely stunning 1968 1300s is selling for £52500, proof that even the smaller engine variant is building up a following.


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foto of the day. A110.


from TuningFever (with some modification)

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5 seconds of pleasure.

It is amazing how a 5 second clip can make me fantasize for 20 minutes about the Alpine A110.

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art of the day. A110.

What a fantastic sketch….

from Clovis Images via Alpine Portugal

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art of the day. A110

Got this from the fantastic Alpine Portugal page

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video of the day. vintage rallycross.

Somebody posting a ‘newer’ rallycross video reminded me of these older Rallycross videos available….this one has an A110  vs. a Stratos in the 1978 European championship!  Epic cool.

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poster of the day. A110.

I want this original poster.

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A110 of the day.

with the badge…comes a car….and what a car…

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art of the day. A110.

illustrated by Guy Allen. see more pics and link to more info at Motoring Con Brio

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foto of the day. women of the A110.

i love this photo! so lovely.  Francois Conconi looks so cool.  The other woman, is of course, Michele Mouton.  Dunno who the bearded bloke is…ha


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art of the day. A110.

this is an amazing commissioned drawing of the Alpine A110 by the superb automotive painter, Miha Furlan

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Ford GT70; Ford’s ‘lost’ A110 fighter…

Apparently, Ford had decided to fight back against the successes of rally cars in the late 60s and early 70s like the Porsche 911s and the Alpine A110 with their own small purpose-built rally car named the Ford GT70.


‘The GT70’s creation had been triggered by our poor performance on the 1970 Monte Carlo Rally,’ Ford Competitions manager Stuart Turner says. ‘The Escort Twin-Cams, driven by Clark, Timo Makinen and Hannu Mikkola, at best finished fifth and seventh, and had been left behind by the winning Porsche 911S and Alpine-Renault A110.’”

Thanks to Jalopnik for turning attention this burning issue!

I believe the ‘yellow’ livery is in its current state; previously, the lone prototype was in silver finish:

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proof my wife loves me…

Well today is my birthday and my wife ordered me exactly what i’ve been wanting! I’ve been trying to find this book for months now….but (A) it is damn expensive when i do find it ($250-$500), and (B) they were all in Europe so the shipping would be like $30 to get it here to New York City.  There are 2 versions of the book; one in french and one in german.  No english versions, i’m afraid.  It is an absolutely beautiful piece of literature…..as i do know how to read very rudimentary french (think disabled french child-level french), I can understand bits and pieces of the text, however it is the photography which really stands out in this book; SO MANY rare and never before seen photos of Alpines.

Through the last 4 or 5 years, I have collected thousands of rare Alpine A110 photos from the web, and collected them into my digital storage—-however I really wanted a beautiful book to keep which displayed vintage photos of my favourite car in the world—and this one does exactly that.  400+ pages and what seems like multiple photos per page; this is the holy grail of Alpine books!  And now it is mine!  I thank my wife for getting me this…..finally! I am enjoying it very much.

This was published in 1982 by E.P.A Publishing.  The author is Dominique Pascal and of course is out of print! In addition to the A110; It also covers the history of the Marque, as well as the A106, A108, A310, and prototypes for racing.

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I seem to learn something new on a daily basis about the beloved Alpine A110.  I had always known that the A110 was produced in Mexico under the name “Dinalpin”, however i did NOT know that the A110 was also manufactured in Brazil under the name “Interlagos” and ALSO that it was manufactured in Bulgaria under the name Bulgarlpine! What a crazy crazy name. I laughed when i first read it.  So apparently they were produced under a private contract between Alpine and Bulet (bulgarian company).  These cars were not sold on the regular market—-and apparently they were sold to private racing and rally groups.  It is rumoured that less than 150 cars were produced in total, and the majority ended up being raced privately.

I can’t help but be fascinated by this mysterious twist in the A110 story……


N1KK3L (an IEDEI reader) is from Bulgaria, and added this very interesting information to the story:

“The Bulgaralpine was part of the Bulgarrenault initiative. A partnership between some Bulgarian industrialists and Renault which allowed the assembly (proudly labeled as a manufacture) of Renault 4 cars in Bulgaria.Which was unusual thing at the time as a Soviet satellite countries (like Bulgaria) weren’t allowed to partner with western countries.
The agreement meant that the Bulgarrenaut cars can only be sold in Bulgaria, but the Bulgarians (as usual) tried to outsmart their partners and earn some extra cash by exporting the cars. Which caused the Renault cars to end the partnership. That’s not mentioned in Wikipedia but that’s how we Bulgarians know it happened.Only a handful of Bulgaralpine cars were made and I’ve had the pleasure to see one in person. I suppose it’s identical to the Renault A110.  Other interesting fact is that this car helped a very talented Iliya Chibricov win “Rally Bulgaria” (then it was called “Rally Zlatni Piasaci”). A first and only win for Bulgarian crew, until very recently(2008 I think). At the time all Bulgarian rally pilots only had access to Ladas and other Russian machinery which weren’t competitive. And the Bulgaralpine really made a difference”

Apparently, 2 of the cars even ended up rallying in the 1968 Rallye of Monte Carlo, driven by Iliya + Nikola Chubrikov & Atanas Taskov + Atanas Agura.  Here is a photo of those 2 cars:

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Yesterday I sat at an Italian Pastry Shop with my friends who run Automobilac and Motoring Con Brio and we discussed our favourite cars, automotive musings, and anything related to our favourite hobby.  I distinctly remembering mentioning to them how obsessed I have become with the Alpine A110…and I felt later that the only people who could truly understand would be people into automobiles and motoring.  I have been gathering an unhealthy obsession with the Alpine-Renault A110.  Readers of this blog will know that I have always carried an obsession with it—however these days it is interfering with my time.  The last time this happened, was in 2000 with the then-new Audi TT.  I ended up buying that car 3 years later after 3 years of incessant obsession and lust.  I have owned it ever since, for the last 8 years.  I have been obsessed with the Alpine A110 for at least the last 4 or 5 years.  But it has been steadily been increasing.

Are there any stories of Automotive obsession that you have?  What became of it?  Are you currently obsessed with a car of your absolute dreams?  There are days I close my eyes and imagine myself on an evening mountain road with dim lights in my Alpine, pummeling through empty rough roads in an anonymous country.  These scenes flood my brain.

However, for the time being, I am simply confined to these daydreams and imaginary movements; while I remind myself to work hard on my career to develop the financial character to go out and buy the A110 of my choice—–assuming they are not (A) all destroyed by then (B) they don’t all get purchased by the Japanese, and (C) their price does not move past the ‘buyable’ level….whatever that means.

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As some of you know, i have a deep, winding obsession with the Alpine A110.  It is the ultimate holy grail of automotive wonderfulness. Through my obsession with the A110, I have also developed an appreciation for the successor, the Alpine A310.  For a long time, i didn’t really care much for the A310, however now i do.  I found these photos on a japanese site, from what i presume to be the owner of the car. A lot of A310s were very badly modded and turned into pseudo-rally cars, etc….however I have a distinct appreciation for close-to-stock A310s.  I think they were very unique cars.

LINK: http://a310vf1600.exblog.jp/

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Nuburgring GP: Alpine A110.

This video is wicked fantastic.  It’s amazing how well i know this track now after playing GT5…

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foto of the day. A110.

Thank you to Stradale (T.A.U.)! This photo was taken by him on his visit to Manoir De L’Automobile in France.  A beautiful collections of Alpines he found there.  Here’s one of my fave pics he shared.  I’m in awe.

(click to enlarge)


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