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RIP Steve Jobs.

Yes I don’t really cover non-automotive related topics, but the passing of Steve Jobs made me sad.  Why? Because i’ve been using Apple computers since i was a little kid—–Mr. Jobs’ computers introduced me to computing, and without my trusty Macs, I wouldn’t be making music or writing blogs with such delightful ease as I do now….or sitting on airplanes with my fantastic iPad automotive e-magazines….or editing IEDEI from my iPhone. You will be missed, Steve.

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ad of the day. Junior Z.

easily one of my favourite Alfas——still!

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art of the day. vintage Elite manual.

I respect most Lotus models, but don’t really love them—-except the original Elite! what a car.

This is a vintage Lotus Elite manual.

source: ocmp

btw, here’s another nice vintage Advertisement for the ELITE.



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ad of the day. 911.

vintage Porsche 911 advertisement.

via Cooler Than Before

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art of the day: Monza

a vintage poster of the very cool DKW Monza!

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art of the day. A110

Got this from the fantastic Alpine Portugal page

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BMW 328 Hommage.

Interesting—-i loved the Mille Miglia concept a few years ago—this continues the look back on history.  I don’t feel it is particularly a nice design, however I like certain features which kick back to the past like the leather straps and the ‘bucktooth’ kidney grille in the front.  BMW, design-wise, have become a shell of their former self in the past 10-15 years, in my opinion—-and I don’t think it will hurt them at all to look at their historical past for inspiration.  Here’s hoping they bring the proper design cues which made them so glorious from the 60s through early 90s back.

This car weighs just around 1700+ pounds! Lightweight engineering, that is something to love.

FULL PRESS RELEASE HERE (registration required)


(IEDEI sepia tuned photos)

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video of the day. vintage rallycross.

Somebody posting a ‘newer’ rallycross video reminded me of these older Rallycross videos available….this one has an A110  vs. a Stratos in the 1978 European championship!  Epic cool.

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foto of the day. Coupe.

Beautiful foto from  McBoost and i’m digging the B3/B4 Coupe with the RS2 front bumper.  Beautiful house/building as well.

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Alpines at Le Mans. (videos)

These are just some amazing videos…..everytime i see the race-prepped Alpine screaming down regular streets as shown in the 1963 video, the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! even though we can’t hear them, they just look epic cruising with regular traffic.   Some wonderful behind-the-scenes footage in this videos as well, of the construction and of the founder of Alpine, Jean Redele.

video heaven…for me.  my broken french skills help me understand some of these…..as they are both in french.

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ad of the day. ur quattro

woman. ‘mobile phone’. high heels. weird airplane.  ur quattro.  all the makings of a classic vintage Audi commercial!

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foto of the day. RSR

I look at this Black 911 RSR on a 6SpeedOnline.com post and it occurs to me that this has to be one of THE coolest cars ever—-not just because it is a rare car in Black with silver writing–but because of the muscular stance, the legendary scary performance, and its overall presence.  Old Ferraris? screw that…..gimme an old RSR over anything with weird yellow horse logo.

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A110 of the day. climber.

I have literally 1000s and 1000s of photos of my favourite car ever, the Alpine A110.  I am slowly dispersing these through IEDEI so others can enjoy them.  Many of these are very rare, and I have collected them over the past 5 years or so.  I don’t have a lot of information on some of them—but when I have info I will pass that along as well.  The more vintage and grainy—-the BETTER.

from 1976

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old-school TVR goodness.

i love most TVRs—i think the new ones were brilliantly insane, and the older ones were brilliantly insane.   Whenever i’ve been to the UK i keep one eye peeled out for them rumbling by….fantastic.

i found this nice little lo-fi website with little tidbits of history:


I love photos like this, at the same I hate photos like this.  Lots of dead old british cars, including some TVRs.

Vintage TVR Grantura manual.

Old-school TVR-Grantura

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foto(s) of the day. 356 Abarth.

1960 Porsche 356B 1600GS Carrera GTL Abarth to be exact!

from Hemmings

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BBC: “Grand Prix – The Killer Years” (4 Parts)

This is a fascinating show which was aired in the UK by BBC.  Split into 4 parts on YouTube; it documents some of the safety issues and concerns in 1950+ F1 racing.  There is some great footage, accompanied by sad and disturbing accident footage—-however it is overall, much much more interesting than just an accident compilation.  Well worth watching if you are into F1 history as I have become…

The part in Part 3 where Nick Drake’s music comes on in the background, while they are on Jim Clark’s onboard is just one of the most special pieces of a show i can remember in recent memory—-superb.

(Thanks to John Patterson for pointing this video series out!)


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vintage trans-am racing fotos.

There are just wonderful photos.  from the 1970 Road America race

credit: Carpenterdesign (Autosport)

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foto of the day. NSU.

Hillclimb Rheingau 1973, a buncha NSU TTs

(from: http://www.nsu-bergrennsport.de/)

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foto of the day. 037.

photographer: Antonio Rodrigues

from the 1985 Portugal Rally.  Lancia 037.

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foto of the day. TT.

NSU TT…..that is……

I don’t know the backstory on this photo, but i dig it very much!

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