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new Corrado? NO. new Jetta Coupe? YES.

While not as exciting as the idea of a ‘new’ Corrado, the Jetta Coupe images coming out are showing it to be a pretty damn attractive little coupe.  Definitely looks a bit like a baby Audi A5, which is definitely not a bad thing!

All in all, i think this is gonna be mad popular with Vdubbers everywhere. Nice one, VW.

more pics and info here:


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Audi unveils 3rd E-Tron concept…and IEDEI is in love!

I want it.  MAKE IT.  I’ll be in the order list. 100% (assuming it’s not over $60k…LOL)

This is probably the most beautiful Audi since the MK1 TT….i’m thoroughly impressed.  It looks like the perfect combination of italian and german.  Brilliant proportions.  Could this be an Audi R4? MK3 Audi TT?  My source tells me it is unknown what this car exactly is at the moment.  All we know is that it is the 3rd in a string of E-Tron concepts, however this one is far more developed than the previous two, and is jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

Photos taken courtesy of Speed Sport Life


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Can Am. 1967 Road America.

Last year, at the CORONADO FESTIVAL OF SPEED in San Diego, i witnessed the absolute MADNESS of Can Am cars…….the most glorious, wicked, and loud exhausts i have ever heard. My ears were never the same.  I got back from that trip and immediately ordered the loudest exhaust i could for my car!

These cars were amazing.  CAN AM racing was amazing! WATCH THIS:

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is VW releasing a ‘new’ Corrado this week?

Rumour has it that there will be a NEW Jetta-based Coupe introduced this week in Detroit at the North American International Auto Show.

BRING BACK THE C ORRADO!! stay tuned this week for more updates on this!

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foto of the day. 011010.

Just a photo of the new season of the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge GT Class, where there is an APR tuned Audi S4.  Don’t ya love the photo of the S4 and the tuned, trans-am livery Chevrolet Camaro duking it out?  Very cool!


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lost concept: 2003 Lancia Fulvia

The Foto of The Day Lancia Fulvia reminded me of this lost 2003 Lancia Fulvia concept car… was a stunning concept, heavily derived from the original design, but modern in its interpretation.  I never understood why FIAT destroyed the Lancia name, instead of bringing cars like this Fulvia to production.  My friend Jim Hall has tried to explain this numerous times, but I will never understand…..


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foto of the day. 01082010.

Lancia Fulvia!

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foto of the day. 01072010.

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foto of the day. 01052010.


(click to get hi-res)

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Bugatti FAIL!

Walter De Silva must have been sniffing massive buckets of glue when he designed this. Thankfully it was rejected by VAG head Ferdinand Piech….nice one, Piech.   This is one ugly ride! (and i’m a huge Veyron fan)

full story:

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foto of the day. 01042010.

Porsche 917 during a Le Mans pit stop!

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foto of the day. 010210.

welcome back!

as a tribute to our recent UK visit! ASTON MARTIN V8 RACING.

click to enlarge

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Happy New Year!

Sorry about the lack of posts in the past week, however IEDEI was away in London.  Everything is back now, and regular scheduled programming shall resume shortly! Welcome to 2010!

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