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Le Mans winners since 1923

(1924 Bentley 3 Litre, Le Mans winning car---via

Year  Car                Drivers                         Driver Nationality

1923  Chenard & Walcker  A.Lagache, R.Leonard                   (F)
1924  Bentley 3 litre    J.Duff, F.Clement                      (GB)
1925  La Lorraine Courcelles, A.Rossignol           (F)
1926  La Lorraine        R.Bloch, A.Rossignol                   (F)
1927  Bentley 3 litre    D.Benjafield, S.Davis                  (GB)
1928  Bentley 4.5        W.Barnato, B.Rubin                     (GB)
1929  Bentley 6 speed    W.Barnato, Sir H.Birkin                (GB)
1930  Bentley 6 speed    W.Barnato, G.Kidston                   (GB)
1931  Alfa Romeo 8C2300  E.Howe, Sir H.Birkin                   (GB)
1932  Alfa Romeo 8C2300  R.Sommer, L.Chinetti                   (F,I)
1933  Alfa Romeo 8C2300  R.Sommer, T.Nuvolari                   (F,I)
1934  Alfa Romeo 8C2300  L.Chinetti, P.Etancelin                (I,F)
1935  Lagonda M45R       JS Hindmarsh, L.Fontes                 (GB,RA)
1936  Race cancelled
1937  Bugatti 57G        JP Wimille, R.Benoist                  (F)
1938  Delahaye 135M      E.Chaboud, J.Tremoulet                 (F)
1939  Bugatti 57G        JP Wimille, P.Veyron                   (F)
1940-48 Race cancelled
1949  Ferrari 166MM      L.Chinetti, Lord Selsdon               (USA,GB)
1950  Talbot-Lago        L.Rosier, JL Rosier                    (F)
1951  Jaguar C-Type      P.Walker, P.Whitehead                  (GB)
1952  Mercedes-B.300SL   H.Lang, F.Riess                        (D)
1953  Jaguar C-Type      T.Rolt, D.Hamilton                     (GB)
1954  Ferrari 375        F.Gonzalez, M.Trintignant              (RA,F)
1955  Jaguar D-Type      M.Hawthorn, I.Bueb                     (GB)
1956  Jaguar D-Type      R.Flockhart, N.Sanderson               (GB)
1957  Jaguar D-Type      R.Flockhart, I.Bueb                    (GB)
1958  Ferrari 250TR58    O.Gendebien, P.Hill                    (B,USA)
1959  Aston Martin DBR1  C.Shelby, R.Salvadori                  (USA,GB)
1960  Ferrari 250TR59/60 O.Gendebien, P.Frere                   (B)
1961  Ferrari 250TR61    O.Gendebien, P.Hill                    (B,USA)
1962  Ferrari 330LM/TR   O.Gendebien, P.Hill                    (B,USA)
1963  Ferrari 250P       L.Scarfiotti, L.Bandini                (I)
1964  Ferrari 275P       J.Guichet, N.Vaccarella                (F,I)
1965  Ferrari 250LM      J.Rindt, M.Gregory                     (A,USA)
1966  Ford GT40 Mk2      C.Amon, B.McLaren                      (NZ)
1967  Ford GT40 Mk4      D.Gurney, AJ Foyt                      (USA)
1968  Ford GT40          P.Rodriguez, L.Bianchi                 (Mex,B)
1969  Ford GT40          J.Ickx, J.Oliver                       (B,GB)
1970  Porsche 917        H.Herrmann, R.Attwood                  (D,GB)
1971  Porsche 917        H.Marko, G.van Lennep                  (A,NL)
1972  Matra-Simca MS670  H.Pescarolo, G.Hill                    (F,GB)
1973  Matra-Simca MS670B H.Pescarolo, G.Larrousse               (F)
1974  Matra-Simca MS670B H.Pescarolo, G.Larrousse               (F)
1975  Mirage-Ford M8     J.Ickx, D.Bell                         (B,GB)
1976  Porsche 936        J.Ickx, G.van Lennep                   (B,NL)
1977  Porsche 936        J.Ickx,J.Barth,H.Haywood               (B,D,USA)
1978  Renault Alpine     JP Jaussaud, D.Pironi                  (F)
1979  Porsche 935        K.Ludwig,B & D.Whittington             (D,USA)
1980  Rondeau Ford M379B JP Jaussaud, J.Rondeau                 (F)
1981  Porsche 936-81     J.Ickx, D.Bell 	                (B,GB)
1982  Porsche 956-82     J.Ickx, D.Bell 			(B,GB)
1983  Porsche 956-83     V.Schuppan, H.Haywood, A.Holbert   	(A,USA,USA)
1984  Porsche 956B       K.Ludwig, H.Pescarolo 			(D,F)
1985  Porsche 956B       K.Ludwig, P.Barilla, J.Winter      	(D,I,D)
1986  Porsche 962C       D.Bell, H.Stuck, A.Holbert		(GB,D,USA)
1987  Porsche 962C       D.Bell, H.Stuck, A.Holbert		(GB,D,USA)
1988  Jaguar XJR-9LM     J.Dumfries, J.Lammers, A.Wallace	(GB,NL,GB)
1989  Sauber Mercedes C9 J.Mass, S.Dickens, M.Reuter		(D,S,D)
1990  Jaguar XJR-12      M.Brundle, J.Nielsen, P.Cobb		(GB,DK,USA)
1991  Mazda 787B         J.Herbert, B.Gachot, V.Weidler		(GB,B,D)
1992  Peugeot 905        D.Warwick, Y.Dalmas, M.Blundell	(GB,F,GB)
1993  Peugeot 905B       G.Brabham, E.Helary, C.Bouchut		(AUS,F,F)
1994  Dauer Porsche962LM Y.Dalmas, H.Haywood, M.Baldi		(F,USA,I)
1995  McLaren F1 GTR     Y.Dalmas, JJ Lehto, M.Sekiya		(F,SF,J)
1996  Porsche WSC95      D.Jones, M.Reuter, A.Wurz		(USA,D,A)
1997  Porsche WSC95      M.Alboreto, S.Johansson, T.Kristensen	(I,S,DK)
1998  Porsche 911 GT1-98 A.McNish, S.Ortelli, L.Aiello		(GB,F,F)
1999  BMW V12 LMR        Y.Dalmas, J.Winkelhock, P.Martini	(F,D,I)
2000  Audi R8            F.Biela, T.Kristensen, E.Pirro		(D,DK,I)
2001  Audi R8            F.Biela, T.Kristensen, E.Pirro		(D,DK,I)
2002  Audi R8            F.Biela, T.Kristensen, E.Pirro		(D,DK,I)
2003  Bentley EXP Speed8 R.Capello, T.Kristensen, G.Smith    	(I,DK,GB)
2004  Audi R8            S.Ara, T.Kristensen, R.Capello    	(J,DK,I)
2005  Audi R8            JJ Lehto, T.Kristensen, M.Werber       (SF,DK,D)
2006  Audi R10 TDI       F.Biela, E.Pirro, M.Werner		(D,I,D)
2007  Audi R10 TDI       F.Biela, E.Pirro, M.Werner		(D,I,D)
2008  Audi R10 TDI       A.McNish, R.Capello, T.Kristensen	(GB,I,DK)
2009  Peugeot 908 HDI    A.Wurz, D.Brabham, M.Gene		(A,AUS,E)
2010  Audi R15-plus TDI  T.Bernhard, R.Dumas, M.Rockenfeller    (D,F,D)
2011  Audi R18 TDI       A. Lotterer, M. Fassler, B. Treluyer   (F,D,SU)   

LIST VIA (edited with removal of distance/speed) :
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Audi wins again at Le Mans!!


Audi WINS 2011 @ Le Mans! What an exciting, inspiring, and fantastic race.  Definitely one of the finest Le Mans races i’ve ever seen…….beating the Peugeot 908 by 13 seconds, and despite the horrible crashes of the #1 and #3 R18 TDIs…….the #2 car prevailed!

Audi now has 10 wins at Le Mans, Porsche is still ahead with 16.

The #2 R18 TDI was driven by the youngest team in the Audi arsenal—piloted by Fassler, Lotterer, and Treluyer.  

(fantastic photos via JoshD @ —-click link for more great victory pics)

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Fuck Ferrari (part 2)

This happened several hours ago—-i was far too upset to even post anything.  Ferrari needs to be punished for their moronic drivers.  Clearly flashing his lights, Rockenfeller in the R18 got clearly cut off by another Ferrari. UNBELIEVABLE. Again? really?

Thankfully, Mike Rockenfeller seems alright, but is being held overnight in the hospital—–as it stands right now at 10:30pm Eastern time—-Audi #2 is in the lead.

need a place to stream Le Mans?

Here’s a link i know is working if you do not have access to SPEED in the USA.

BTW, you can also stream the broadcast from SPEED when they are not live on TV, like right now—–so from 11:30am to 3:30 PM US Eastern Standard time and 8pm to 11pm US Eastern Standard time.  I am not posting a direct link here to protect the feed—–but to go and follow the Le Mans info there.



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Corvette C6R @ Le Mans

I’ve always conceded that Chevrolet have had amazing success in the GT/GTE class at Le Mans—–but the SOUND of the Corvette C6R is a GLORIOUS noise.  Here is an onboard lap of Le Mans with a C6R from a warm up lap in 2008.  I love hearing that lazy V8 rumbling…’s race is no different!

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Fuck Ferrari.

(photo from SpeedTV)

…and their moronic, incapable, asshat drivers! #3 McNish knocked out of Le Mans by a moron driving a 458 Italia…….who believed that he should maintain a racing line even when 2 R18 TDIs with flashing LED lights are pounding the road behind him.  Thanks a lot, Ferrari!  My hatred grows…

BOTTOM LINE: Yes i concede McNish was too aggressive in this situation, but THE SLOWER CAR CANNOT MAINTAIN ITS RACING LINE. 

video of the crash:

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fotos of the day. R18 qualify #1 and #2 for Le Mans.

the R18 TDI is amazing.  LE MANS is almost here!! These are fotos from the qualifying the last 2 days.

photo via Audi Sport

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Chris Harris on the Noble M600, Porsche GT2 RS, and others…

The Noble M600 is by far and away my favourite ‘supercar’ around at the moment—-it looks amazing, and it is just epic cool from its engineering to its raw turbo madness.   Oh and there’s a F40 and an XJ220 in the video too…

Great video again, by probably the best in the business—Chris Harris.

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“Dreamer” & “A Master and a Legend”

2 great videos, posted by a member of the Audi community.  EXCELLENT!

I especially love the “plot” in “Dreamer” where the quattro is remembering the glory days…

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Le Mans 2011 Spotter Guide

great stuff!! (thanks to Halle for the tip!)


(click to enlarge)



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Le Mans week is here!

Rejoice! The finest week in motorsports has arrived—–the race of all races, the 24 Hours Of Le Mans is upon us.  For many people this signals the proper start to ‘summer’, including myself.  Of course it is no secret that I am an Audiphile through and through—-it is also no secret that Audi and Peugeot have had some fierce battles in the past several years, culminating in one of the great rivalries in motorsports history.  Motorsports have these days become numb and unexciting; however Le Mans has retained most of its charm.  I still get a buzz every time i see the start of the race, even though it is not nearly as dramatic as the old days when people ran into their cockpits.

So will the new Audi R18 TDI be able to surmount the fierce Peugeot 918 HDi reign?  I would like to hope so, but we’ll just have to follow along the best we can!

I know that the entire 24 hours will be broadcasted with continuity in Europe on Eurosport TV, however we are not so lucky in the US.  That being said, we live in the age of bootlegged online TV—-and i’m quite sure many many feeds from Europe will surface that day.  If they don’t, Audi have set up a fantastic minisite which will go live the day of the race.  They will have 24 hour live on-board coverage of the three R18 TDIs which are racing—–accompanied by live telemetry and race data.  Fantastic.


I will add some more links and information to other feeds as the race gets closer—–obviously I cannot watch all 24 hours—-but I always watch as many hours of coverage as I possibly can.

Another great source of race day coverage is of course the fantastic Radio Le Mans<

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how do you make the ugliest car uglier? (part 2)

yes. you paint it matte black and murder out the wheels and lights on a Toyota Prius.  Message to the owner: your “car” looks like crap!

(spotted earlier this evening in Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

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foto of the day. 2000 Coupe

Lovely….one of my favourite (and most underrated) Lancias around.  this is a 1971 Lancia 2000 Coupe

via: Good Old Valves

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Hey BMW….What are you doing!?

what in the world have you done to the 1-series?  Those headlights look like the eyes of a strange animal.  RIP BMW design—–you need to be resurrected.  Badly. What is that shape?

source: Autoblog


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video of the day. transformation of the A1.

watch them turn a basic Audi A1 into a fire breathing 503hp monster as the Audi A1 Clubsport quattro

via Fourtitude




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foto of the day. 1300 GT Junior

Alfa Romeo 1300 GT Junior


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