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Sebring 12 Hours Race: Streaming live online.

Audi qualified 1-2-3 for this with the glorious R18.  There are 9+ hours left in the race, so go to ESPN3 to watch this live now!

Make sure you select the “ALMS” race on the right hand menu.

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spotted. 505.

i love these. i almost never see these.  i drive about 3 hours a day— and today i saw a Peugeot 505.

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Vintage Porsche factory pics.

These are beautiful, taken in 1972.  I happened to stumble across these as I was searching for the source for a different Porsche factory photo I had posted a long time ago.  Happy accident!

src: cinelliguy

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1975 Opel GT2 Concept

After the mildly/moderately successful small sports car that was the Opel GT, the next generation of Opel GT was being hypothesized by Opel.  Obviously GM was now deeply seeded into the recesses of the company and its interests, I find there to be fascinating influences from the front end design of this 1975 Opel GT2 which trickled down to the 80s Pontiac Firebird.  Even more odd is how the rear taillights look like they are straight out of a 1983 Ford Mustang….wonder how that happened! Obviously the GT2 was never produced, but it’s a pretty damn interesting wedge-influenced design, all the way to its insane sliding doors which would appear much later in cars like the Peugeot 1007.

and here’s a 1982 Pontiac Firebird, just for comparison of the front end (from thirdGen):

src: cavalierAndChevetteClub, wikimedia

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ad of the day. 99.

the fantastic Saab 99 and an ad from 1971.

src: periodPaper

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I’m still trying to figure out if there is a woman lighting her head on fire in the red Renault 4 photo.

src: blenheimGang

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video of the day. boxster.

I really like the new Boxster—-i think it’s very aggressive looking, spiffy interior, and just a big time improvement over the prior interpretations.  In fact, it’s the first Boxster i’ve seen that actually looks the part…

Of course I still don’t really care for roadsters, however this sets everything up for the obvious future question:  How great will the next Cayman be!?

Chris Harris has reviewed the new Boxster:


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Embrace the weird: Nissan Deltawing.

and YES this is going to be running in the 2012 Le Mans as an experimental prototype, unclassified in any class per se.  I have to say that aside from how hideous it is—I will be very excited to see this freakshow rummaging through the field at Le Mans!  Let’s just hope it doesn’t cause any accidents….and take over Ferrari’s role of poor driving.

Can it even bloody steer!? see the videos at the bottom to find out..

from Nissan:

“A highly-advanced and hugely-efficient Nissan engine will power the remarkable DeltaWing car as it races in anger for the first time at the legendary Le Mans 24 Hours (16-17 June).

While Nissan DeltaWing will not be classified in the 2012 Le Mans 24 Hours, the Company is looking to showcase the pioneering technology that will show one potential direction for the future of motorsport and will feed into the research and development of future technologies, that filter down to Nissan’s road car product range.

A race-prepared 1.6-litre four-cylinder engine, featuring direct petrol injection and a turbocharger, will power Nissan DeltaWing, which is half the weight and has half the aerodynamic drag of a conventional racer.


src: prwire via l’endurance

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Audi buying Ducati! (?…!…?)

As an Audiphile, i’m super excited this morning after reading this.  It’s not April 1st….wow. Piech on the attack! You’re next Alfa Romeo!

from Fourtitude:

“Apparently Ferdinand Piech has been interested in Ducati for some time and is on the record for stating his regret for not snapping up the motorcycle marque when it went up on the market years ago.  Apparently Piech also looked into revival of the Horex brand, but it was determined that there wasn’t enough brand recognition to make it worthwhile. Ducati, on the other hand, sells 40,000 motorcycles a year and has great brand recognition worldwide.”


“Out of nowhere CAR Magazine today has broken a story this morning that Audi entered an exclusive deal to buy motorcycle manufacturer Ducati. After re-checking our calendar to make sure it wasn’t April 1, we took a closer look at the story. Penned by Georg Kacher, we don’t question its accuracy in any way and as such it’s worth considering the details.

Apparently Ducati is on the market and it’s being suited by no less than Audi, Daimler (with whom there’s a marketing deal with AMG), Mahindra and even Audi’s parent company Volkswagen. All are interested in the Italian motorcycle manufacturer but Kacher is revealing via CAR that Audi has an exclusivity deal that gives it first refusal – one that could very well see Ducati under Audi ownership by April.”

Original article at Car Magazine

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shaving like a man.

Like most of you, i’ve been shaving for years using the same ‘super technology’ Gilette Mach 3s and Sensors and Schick Quattros and whatever other new gimmick comes into town!  However quite frankly I have just had a shave of a lifetime in my own bathroom.  I’ve had a shaving experience which will change my beard hygiene for life!  I just shaved for the first time using a proper double-edged razor, proper shaving cream, a proper brush—-and honest to god my face feels like it has never felt before.

My beautiful wife bought me all of the components to shave properly last week for my birthday.  I have to say I was hugely excited when I opened the package, and after today I am not dissappointed.  I took some time to read up about shaving with classic double edged razors, as well as tactics for pre-shave preparation as well as minimizing risks for slitting my skin open!

The tools i used:

Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edged Razor (Germany)

Proraso Eucalypus Shaving Cream (Italy)

Edwin Jagger Shaving Brush (England)

Pinaud Clubman After Shave Lotion (France)

I think my face woke up today after the feeling of putting the fresh smelling Eucalyptus shaving cream on with the brilliantly firm bristled Edwin Jagger brush—–I don’t think my face has felt such pleasure before!  I honestly could apply shaving cream with this brush for HOURS! it’s like a full service massage……amazing.

Admittedly, the double edged razor made me nervous; (A) while handling, because I kept thinking I was gonna cut myself just installing the blade, and (B) because after installing it, I realised that it is damn sharp and any wrong angle or crooked swipe I take is going to likely cut me—-especially as this was my first time.  Ultimately though, the blade was installed after a beautifully mechanic installation of unscrewing the shaft to lift up the metal plate, putting the blade in, and then rescrewing the shaft again to lower the metal plate.  Just wonderful.

I took a very long time to shave today; out of precaution and out of savouring the experience.  Surely I will become quicker as I become more experienced with a double edged razor—–but honestly I don’t think I am going to willingly be able to use a standard razor again.

Afterwards I applied some Pinaud’s Clubman; which if evaluated on a amount-of-greatness: amount-of-money ratio may be the best after shave in the world (it costs about $6 and has been around for 200 years).

I highly recommend that some of you try this way of shaving; I’ve been turned into a believer.  It has made me think of shaving as an artform.  I am also amazed how much more superior this system of shaving is as compared to the run-of-the-mill mass marketed shave that people use these days.  We are losing the attention to detail, and our A.D.D. has corrupted our desire to spend time on little things.  This way of shaving is from a time when people had more time…and made more time to do basic things.

I also recommend you read this article from the wonderful Art of Manliness website, a site I religiously read these days for all sorts of fantastic insight into, well, the art of manliness!

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centerfold: 1965 Alfa Romeo GTA.

gutted. lusty. restored. wow.  all it needs is a little bit of dirt…

src: alfaholics via coolerthanbefore

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flames from an Audi 200 Trans-am quattro!

src:  the excellent unofficial Audi Sport page

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foto of the day. Bentley Boys.

One of these fine days, i’m going to get around to reading  more about the hardcore rock and roll stories of the original Bentley Boys.

In 1923, three dedicated automobile enthusiasts decided to create a competition based not only on speed, but also on endurance. This was the start of the Le Mans 24 Hours, destined to become one of the world’s most prestigious races. For Walter Owen Bentley and other manufacturers, the idea seemed pretty crazy, but that did not prevent him from rising to the challenge by sending one of his cars to take part in the first edition. 1924 witnessed a glorious triumph: the British firm won the Le Mans 24 Hours with a Bentley 3 Litres – a feat that it accomplished four more times, in 1927, 1928, 1929 and 1930, the two latter victories being earned in a Speed 6.  This was the era of the legendary Bentley Boys: Benjafield, Birkin, Davis, Rubin, Kidston and above all Barnato, the most famous of them all, a multi-millionaire South African diamond merchant. Gifted sportsmen, authentic connoisseurs of life’s many pleasures and mostly fabulously wealthy, the Bentley Boys raced first and foremost for honour, fired by a taste for challenges.”

src: breitling

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Porsches vs. Laguna Seca.

My friend Xander from Strassenversion does great artwork and always sells fascinating motoring related goods…..and here are some of his latest; beautiful and colourful paintings made from photographs he took at Laguna Seca at the 2011 Rennsport Reunion.

The original paintings are sold.  However, prints will be available!

for more info go here: Strassenversion

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art of the day. maserati.

beautiful oil painting by Andrea Del Pesco of Maseratis getting ready in the pits, 1956.

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this is how the unintelligent roll: Carbusters.

I am laughing at you, Carbusters—-a dim witted organization with pented up anger who have decided to take things out on the automobile!

It’s hilarious to me that organizations like this are born out of a very minimal and archaic understanding of human movement, progress, and ability to advance.  So you want to eliminate the automobile…..interesting, i’d LOVE to watch a family of 4 who live in Farmland, North Dakota go to the airport to see their family living in NYC.  Is this family of 4 supposed to surgically attach wheels to their elbows?  Are they going to chain 4 slow bicycles together so 40 hours later they reach the airport in a puddle of sweat and tears?  Will this family become poverty-stricken due to their vegetables rotting as trucks are not present to deliver them to the market so they can make their money?  IS THERE ANY LOGIC IN YOUR ABSURD LOGIC of a “car free” world?  If we had it your way—-we would be proceeding backwards as a civilisation. Why not ban airplanes and trains too—-as I hope you realise one airplane creates more pollution than thousands of automobiles.

Bicycles as transport for everybody? LOL….welcome to China and India in the 1920s… ‘ideal society’ for everybody!

(below photo from carbodydesign)

You know what Carbusters….i’m proud to own 2 cars in NYC.  Just because of you, i’m gonna take a gas guzzling, petrol snorting, exhaust screaming drive up and down the streets of Brooklyn.  You’re gonna love it too.

I look forward to more and more cars on the streets with nice big wide roads and beautiful race tracks being constructed everywhere!  I hate to break it to you,  but worldwide car sales are flourishing with record sales and great enthusiasm. Motoring forever! I’ll see you on the Nurburgring on your bicycle, suckas!

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Artz Ur quattro wagon.

Shooting brake? Avant? C(k)ombi? Wagon?  Who knows!  All i know is that i would totally rock a Ur quattro with a bigger backside!  I’m pretty sure this was a one-off, but i’d love to be proven wrong and shown that there was more than one produced!  I wonder where it is now…

Artz is of course the same company who did the funky Porsche 924 Artz Kombi.

srcs: audistory & audiquattrofan

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lost concept of the day. Cutlass.

Cutlass? yes Cutlass!  What you’re seeing here is the 1954 Oldsmobile Cutlass Concept, presented at the 1954 Motorama by General Motors.  Surely this car is part of the F88 Concept lineage which was also presented at Motorama 54 in some form or another, because there is clearly a link to this design and the F88; in fact this may in fact be a part of the spectrum/series of the F88 concepts.  I don’t know a lot about the car, but as with many concepts from that era (although the F88 survived!)—-the car is long gone.

Pretty damn beautiful though…..look at that roofline and louvre’d rear window!  All of the old promotional photos i’ve found are showing the car from the rear end, obviously because it is clearly the most striking view of the car!

I also find it quite interesting that in all these photos; i believe the model is the same person….in different clothing! The old days….they were so funky.

srcs: carstyling, car&driver

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fotos of the day. M1

from the 2011 Sebring Vintage races, a beautifully liveried BMW M1.

src: wolfsburg RS

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Maserati Granturismo: a grower.

when the Maserati Granturismo came out a couple of years ago—-i thought it was too big, too soft, and pretty much overshadowed by its Alfa brother–the 8c.

Fast forward a few years—-and the other day i was bumbling along on the freeway on my way home from work and a Granturismo went absolutely pounding past me with exhausts screaming in full force.  A) i was impressed, B) i realised just how good it looked in speed and being driven with enthusiasm.  I think the Granturismo is a pretty classically designed coupe; which will likely age quite nicely.

The Granturismo S is the latest variation of this car….and i absolutely love it with the black wheels and the spec’d out interior.  Those blue gauges REALLY do it for me on the gauge cluster! wow.

src: newspress

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the rise of IEDEI. and thanks.

Yes I am addicted to looking at statistics….not because I am trying to make money or trying to get famous—-but because to me statistics is progress!  It also means that there are more people into cool motor cars  and ideas who share common passions…and that is a great feeling!

IEDEI’s weekly statistics from August 2011 to March 2012.  Readership has tripled.

I felt I should share how quickly this place is expanding, because in the 3+ years I have been publishing stuff here, i have never seen such a dramatic rise in readership as I’m seeing now—–for which I just want to say THANKS to all of you for checking out the occasional articles and for sharing them with your friends/forums/facebook communities.   Also thanks to all the great blogs, many of which are great friends of mine for creating a very cool underground ‘gang’ of interesting car blogs.  Many of which you can find on my ‘other blogs’ section at the bottom of this page.

In celebration, i have also started a Twitter account, to get instant updates with new posts and articles:

IEDEI Twitter

Furthermore, if anyone would like to write an article for IEDEI, feel free to shoot me  an email with your ideas—-as i really dig contributions here, and would love to see other people’s mad ideas come to fruition!

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